Avoiding Common Holiday Mishaps

How to Avoid the Most Common Holiday Mishaps

Did you know that the most wonderful time of the year is also one of the most dangerous? Every year, holiday celebrations are cut short by a trip to the hospital thanks to one of these holiday hazards:

Decorate With Care – Use caution when stringing lights and hanging ornaments. Always position ladders on level ground, stay centered between the rails and never overreach or step on the top two rungs.

Know the Warning Signs – Learn how to recognize the warning signs of heart attack. Holiday heart attacks are often triggered by the increase in stress, excessive eating or skipping medication.

Beware of Plastic Packaging – Never open plastic packaging with scissors or sharp knives – one slip of the hand lands you in the emergency room. Instead use a good old-fashioned can opener to cut along the edge.

Protect Against Slip and Fall - Keep hallways and pathways in and around your home clear of Christmas clutter, especially if you are hosting elderly family members.

Designate a Driver – Don't become another holiday accident statistic! Always designate a driver or take a cab to and from holiday events if you know you will be partaking in festive cheer.

Watch for Tippy Trees – Always secure your tree in a sturdy stand and position it away from traffic. Keep a close eye on young children and curious pets that may be intrigued by the shiny bulbs and blinking lights.

Eliminate Electrocution – Before lighting up the night with your festive flare, always check your holiday lights for frayed wires, broken bulbs or loose connections, and never overload electrical circuits.