Citizens Windstorm Mitigation Re-Inspections

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is conducting Windstorm Mitigation Re-Inspections.

You may receive a notice from Citizens advising that an inspector will be contacting you to make an appointment to inspect the property to confirm if the credits that were originally applied to the policy are correct. This inspection is very important and needs to be completed, or all credits will be removed. Once the inspection is submitted Citizens will send a notice advising you of any changes to the upcoming renewal.  A copy of the inspection can be obtained through Citizens web site or your agent.

If for any reason credits are removed, do not panic! These changes will not be reflected on the policy until your upcoming renewal. This allows time to make the necessary upgrades or to provide the supporting documents to reinstate the credits. You may also visit Citizens website or contact your agent for additional information.         

(Reporting by Jennifer Gall, Erin Land, Ludy Invernizzi, Editing by Marcos Fullana)